2001: Narrative Structure

(C.1-31) = DVD Chapters.
The Monolith
Transformation Music: Strauss, Thus Spake Zarathustra
Monolith Music: Ligeti, Requiem
[ Other non-diegetic music ]

Overture: (C. 1)[ Ligeti, Atmospheres ]

2001: A Space Odyssey (C. 2)

The Dawn of Man. (C. 3)

  1. Part of the animal kingdom.
  2. Conflict at the water hole.
  3. Another day of survival.
  4. The Monolith: First Encounter. Ligeti, Requiem
    Conjunction: Monolith/Sun/Moon.
  5. The Birth of the Human. Thus Spake Zarathustra
    [Three Mind Flashes]
    • Memory of the Conjunction: Monolith/Sun/Moon.
    • Imagining the future killing of a tapir.
    • Imagining the future killing of a tapir.
  6. Man: The meat eater.
  7. Man: The first blow against his own.
  8. The bone metamorphosis. (C. 4)

Odyssey from Earth to the Monolith on the Moon.

  1. On the Orion to the Hilton Space Station. [Johann Strauss, The Blue Danube]
  2. At the Hilton Space Station.
    • Dr. Floyd checks in. (C. 5)
    • Floyd phones his daughter. (C. 6)
    • Floyd and the Russians: Epidemic at Clavius. (C. 7)
  3. On the Aries to Clavius Moonbase. (C. 8) [ The Blue Danube]
  4. At Clavius: Top Secret Discovery. (C. 9)
  5. Moonbus to excavation site. (C. 10) [ Ligeti,Lux Aeterna]
  6. The Monolith: Second Encounter. (C. 11) Ligeti, Requiem
    Conjunction: Monolith/Sun/Earth.

Jupiter Mission--18 Months Later. (C. 12)

  1. Discovery on the way to Jupiter. [Khatchaturian, Gayane]
  2. Action on board: Exercise time.
  3. Eating and watching the TV interview. (C. 13)
  4. Frank's birthday. (C. 14)
  5. Hal and Dave playing chess. (C. 15)
  6. Dave sketches the hibernating crew. (C. 16)
  7. Hal critiques Dave's sketches.
  8. Hal: Some extremely odd things about this mission.
  9. Hal finds a fault in the communications unit.
  10. Frank goes outside and gets the faulty unit. (C. 17)
  11. Frank and Dave test the unit: no fault. (C. 18)
  12. Mission Control: Hal made an error.
  13. Frank and Dave go to Dave's pod for a private talk. (C. 19)
  14. Frank and Dave in the Pod: Discuss disconnecting Hal.
  15. Hal reads their lips.

    Entr' acte (C. 21) [ Ligeti, Atmospheres]

  16. Frank goes out to replace the unit.
  17. Pod attacks Frank: Hal kills Frank.
  18. Dave retrieves Frank's body. (C. 22)
  19. Computer Malfunction: Hal kills the hibernating crew. (C. 23)
  20. Dave returns with Frank's body: Open the Podbay doors Hal. (C. 24)
  21. Dave enters the emergency airlock. (C. 25)
  22. Disconnecting Hal: I'm afraid, Dave. (C. 26)
  23. The Death of Hal:Daisy.
  24. Truth about the Mission: Monolith emission to Jupiter. (C. 27)

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite. (C. 28)

  1. The Monolith and Jupiter: Third Encounter. Ligeti, Atmospheres and Requiem
    Conjunction: Monolith and the Planets. (C. 29)
  2. Odyssey beyond the Infinite.
    • Travelling through a corridor of lights/colors.
    • Dave's face.
    • Travelling.
    • Dave's face.
    • Travelling.
    • Dave's face.
    • Travelling.
    • Dave's face.
    • Travelling.
    • Dave's face.
    • Travelling.
    • Dave's Eye.
    • Moving through.
    • Dave's Eye.
    • Moving Through: the 7 crystals.
    • Dave's Eye.
    • Moving Through.
    • Dave's Eye.
    • Travelling over landscapes.
    • Dave's Eye. [ Ligeti, Lux Aeterna, fade to Aventures]
  3. In the Beyond. (C. 30)
    • Pod in Louis XVI Room. [ Ligeti, Aventures (sounds of preternatural voices) ]
    • Dave's face.
    • Pod in bedroom.
    • Dave's face.
    • Dave walks around the rooms.
    • Dave sees himself in bathroom mirror.
    • Dave sees man at dining table.
    • Man at the table: an aged Dave.
    • Old man in bed: Dave as very old man.
    • The Monolith: Fourth Encounter.
    • Metamorphosis: Old man becomes a Fetus. (C. 31)
    • Travelling through the Monolith. Thus Spake Zarathustra
    • Stars, Moon and Earth.
    • Fetus among the stars and planets.