Response to the Legislative Analyst's "Academic Preparation for Higher Education"

California's Legislative Analyst Office 2001-02 Report: Academic Preparation for Higher Education

My Email Comments on the Document, which received no response

Subject: Academic Preparation for Higher Ed.
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 07:56:08 -0800
From: John Hartzog

Craig Breedlove:

I am writing to commend you and your staff for the insightful analysis, "Academic Preparation for Higher Education." I only hope that the Legislators will enact all of your recommendations. I also want to offer suggestions for addressing some of the issues you so clearly articulate, with the hope that if you find them useful you'll see they get a proper hearing.

I am a recently retired Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Learning Resource Center at CSU Northridge who spent over 25 years developing programs to address the lack of academic preparation of our University students. Part of my responsibilities as LRC Director included designing and administering The Web Project, which integrated the use of Internet Teaching into a range of University programs, including Developmental Mathematics and Writing. While at Northridge I also trained and supported over 300 regional Community College faculty in Internet teaching, via our Web site: Virtual CSUN.

Here are my comments and suggestions: