Blowup: Narrative Structure

Distractions: Clues to the Mystery of Blowup
Blowup: Scene Commentary
Antonioni's Blowup: Analysis
(C.1-26) = DVD Chapters

  1. Opening shot of an empty field with Producer credits. (C.1)
  2. Titles and photo shoot on and behind the field.
  3. Revellers in the streets. (C.2)
  4. Men leaving through a gate.
  5. Revellers stopping traffic.
  6. A group of the men talking.
  7. One of the men, a blonde, runs off down the street.
  8. Revellers running in the streets.
  9. The blonde man, now in a Rolls-Royce, encounters the Revellers. [Distraction #1]
  10. Telephoning from his car.
  11. At a photography studio. (C. 3)
  12. The Photographer shooting a model.
  13. Shooting the "birds."(C. 4)
  14. Bill's Paintings. (C.5)
    They don't mean anything when I do them. Just a mess. Afterwards, I find something to hang on to, like that leg. Then it sorts itself out and adds up. It's like finding a clue in a detective story.
  15. Patricia and the Photographer.
    I've been all night in a doss (flop) house.
  16. The two girls. (C. 6)
  17. At the antique shop. (C. 7)
  18. Taking photographs in a park to kill time. [Distraction #2]
  19. Photographing a couple. (C. 8)
  20. Confronting the woman. (C. 9)
    I'm a photographer. The woman: This is public place. Everyone has the right to be left in peace. It's not my fault if there's no peace.
  21. In the antique shop: the propeller. (C. 10) [Distraction #3]
  22. Ron and the photo book. (C. 11)
    I've got something fab for the end. It's very peaceful, very still. And the rest of the book will be pretty violent, so it's best to end like that. I'm going off London this week. Doesn't do anything for me. I'm fed up with those bloody bitches. I wish I had tons of money. Then I'd be free.
  23. Meets the demonstrators. The peace sign. [Distraction #4]
  24. The Woman at his studio. (C. 12)
    Nothing like a little disaster for sorting things out.
  25. Talking and listening to music. (C.13)
    Even with beautiful women you look at them and that's that. ....And I'm stuck with them all day long.
  26. A moment of contact--almost. The propeller. (C. 14) [Distraction #5]
  27. The blow-ups: The detective story begins. (C.15-17) Shot sequence
  28. The girls: Investigation interrupted. (C. 18) [Distraction #6]
  29. Investigation resumed: Two more blow-ups. (C. 19) Shot sequence
  30. In the park: the body. (C. 20)
  31. At Bill and Patricia's: The Voyeur. (C. 21)
  32. Back at the studio: The Blow-up. (C. 22)
  33. Patricia.
    Looking for something just now? Do you ever think of leaving him? No, I don't think so. I saw a man killed this morning. Where? In some sort of park. Are you sure? He's still there. Who was he? Someone. How did it happen? I don't know. I didn't see.You didn't see? No. Shouldn't you call the police? That's the body. Looks like one of Bill's paintings. Yes. Will you help me? I don't know what to do. What is it? I wonder why they shot him. I didn't ask.
  34. On his way to Ron: The Woman and the guitar. (C. 23) [Distraction #7]
  35. Finding Ron: The pot party. (C. 24) [Distraction #8]
    Someone's been killed. Now, would you... Those pictures I took in the park. I thought you were supposed to be in Paris. I am in Paris. I want you to see the corpse. We've got to get a shot of it. I'm not a photographer. I am. What's the matter with him? What did you see in that park? Nothing.
  36. The next morning: empty park. (C. 25)
  37. Revellers: Tennis in the park. (C. 26) [Distraction #9]
  38. The Photographer in the field: The opening shot.