Lee's Brokeback Mountain: Narrative Structure

Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain"
"Brokeback Mountain:"
Rendering Consciousness

"Brokeback Mountain:"
Narrative Structure
Bold = scenes from the text.
Italics = added scenes.
# = Paragraph in the short story.
C.1-19 = DVD Chapters.

Signal, Wyoming, 1963 (C. 1)

  1. Ennis arrives.
  2. Jack arrives.
  3. Aguirre explains their jobs sheep herding on Brokeback Mountain. #6
  4. Talking in a bar. (C. 2) #7
  5. Ennis and Jack get ready to go. #9
  6. Montage of days of herding the sheep. #9
  7. Breakfast on Brokeback Mountain. (C. 3)
  8. Scenes of working on Brokeback. #10-11
  9. Jack shoots at a coyote.
  10. Ennis meets the Basque for supplies.
  11. Ennis surprises a bear.
  12. Camp: Jack and Ennis's injury. Talk about food.
  13. Ennis kills an Elk. Eating Elk around the campfire.
  14. Camp: Jack and Ennis talk about switching jobs. (C. 4) #13-19
  15. Next night: "...that's more words than you've spoke in the past two weeks." #20-23
  16. Jack and Ennis herding the sheep. (C. 5) #24
  17. Camp: Talking and singing and getting drunk. Ennis sleeps by the fire. #24-27
  18. Ennis goes into the tent. They sleep and then have sex. #28
  19. Morning after. Ennis leaves. (C. 6) #29
  20. Ennis finds coyotes got a sheep.
  21. Jack naked, doing laundry.
  22. Jack and Ennis discuss their sex: "It's a one-shot thing we got goin' here." #30
  23. Camp: Jack embraces Ennis in the tent.
  24. Jack and Ennis cavorting in a meadow. Aguirre watching them. #30
  25. Aguirre tells Jack about his uncle. (C. 7) #30
  26. Camp: Storm comes up. Ennis stays the night. #31
  27. Discover the sheep got mixed into another herd. #31
  28. Sorting out the sheep and riding back to camp. #31
  29. Camp. Ennis comes out of the tent into the snow. #32
  30. Jack breaking camp. End of the job. #32
  31. Ready to leave. Bloody nose. Ennis hits Jack. #145
  32. Sheep Pens: Aguirre insults them. #33
  33. Jack and Ennis get ready to go their separate ways. (C. 8) #34
  34. Jack watches Ennis in his mirror.
  35. Ennis throws up in an alley. #38
  36. Ennis marries Alma. #39
  37. Ennis and Alma in the snow.
  38. Ennis working on a road crew. #40
  39. Ennis and Alma at a drive-in theater.
  40. Jack and Aguirre. Aguirre tells him he saw them. (C. 9) #71
  41. Ennis and Alma. Family life with two babies.
  42. Ennis and Alma talk and have sex. #41-42
  43. Jack riding a bull.
  44. Jack at a bar. Tries to pick up Jimbo.
  45. Ennis and his family on July 4th. Ennis beats the Bikers.
  46. Lureen racing her horse. (C. 10)
  47. Lureen flirts with Jack.
  48. Jack riding a bull.
  49. Jack meets Lureen.
  50. Jack and Lureen in the backseat of her car.
  51. Ennis takes the girls to Alma at work.
  52. Lureen has a baby boy. Jack has the father-in-law.
  53. Ennis gets a postcard from Jack. (C. 11) #44
  54. Ennis sents Jack a postcard. #45
  55. Ennis waiting for Jack. #46
  56. Jack and Ennis connect. #47
  57. Alma sees them kissing. #48
  58. Ennis and Jack leave Alma and the kids. #48-58
  59. Ennis and Jack at the Motel. (C. 12) #57-70
  60. Ennis and Alma. Leaving for a fishing trip with Jack.
  61. Ennis and Jack in the mountains. Jumping naked into the river. #6
  62. Camp: Talking. #73-74
  63. Ennis's Flashback and VO. Tells of seeing the murdered gay. #74-76
  64. Continue talking. "If you can't fix it, Jack...you gotta stand it." #77-78
  65. Ennis and Alma fighting. (C. 13)
  66. Jack working at Lureen's father's ranch.
  67. Alma finds another postcard from Jack.
  68. Jack and Lureen. Jack getting ready to go fishing with Ennis.
  69. Ennis and Alma. Getting ready to go fishing with Jack.
  70. Camping. Montage of Ennis and Jack together.
  71. Jack with his son on a tractor.
  72. Ennis feeding cows.
  73. Ennis and Alma. Home life.
  74. Ennis and Alma in bed. #81
  75. Ennis and Alma divorce. #82
  76. Jack comes to Ennis after the divorce. (C. 14) #123
  77. Jack drives off. Crying.
  78. Jack picks up a guy in Juarez.
  79. Jack and the Thanksgiving dinner.
  80. Ennis at Alma's Thanksgiving dinner. #83-93
  81. Ennis gets into a fight. #93
  82. Jack and Ennis riding in the mountains. (C. 15)
  83. Jack and Ennis talking. They argue.
  84. Ennis meets Cassie in a bar.
  85. Jack and Lureen at a benefit dinner. The rancher friend hits on Jack.
  86. Ennis' daughter Alma Jr. talks with Cassie.
  87. Ennis and Alma Jr. She wants to live with him.
  88. Camp. "...sometimes I miss you so bad I can hardly stand it." (C. 16) #103
  89. Camp. Ennis holding Jack in the tent. #104-106
  90. Camp. Confrontation. "...what we got now is Brokeback Mountain." #107-119
  91. Jack's Flashback to Brokeback Mountain. #120-121
  92. Jack watching Ennis' truck drive off.
  93. Ennis and Cassie in the restaurant. (C. 17)
  94. Ennis gets the postcard: Deceased. #123
  95. Ennis and Lureen on the phone. #123-132
  96. Ennis' Mind Flash: Jack's death. #124
  97. Talking to Lureen. Jack wanted his ashes on Brokeback Mountain. #127-132
  98. Drives to the Twist house. (C. 18) #134
  99. Talks to Jack's parents. Jack's ranch dream with another guy. #135-143
  100. In Jack's room. Finds the shirts. #145-46
  101. Jack's ashes to go to the family plot. Ennis takes the shirts. #147-48
  102. Ennis's trailer. Alma Jr invites Ennis to her wedding. Ennis toasts her. (C. 19)
  103. Ennis opens closet. The shirts and postcard of Brokeback Mountain. #156-157
  104. Closes closet door. Empty fields that stretch to the horizon.