Narrative Structure of "Delia" from Personal Velocity

(p. 31-56) = Pages numbers of the short story.
VO = Voice-Over.
VO and Dialogue in Delia
VO's in Delia
  1. Dinner Time. VO-1 (p. 31) {Freeze Frame.}VO-2 (added)

  2. Time Shift to Delia's past. Delia's father and the Seven Day Adventists. VO-3; VO-4; VO-5 (p. 38-39)

  3. Delia and her breasts. VO-6 (p. 39)

  4. Father kicks out the Seven Day Adventists.

  5. Time Shift to past: Father hitting Delia's mother. VO-7 (p. 39-40)

  6. Delia's mother leaves. VO-8

  7. Delia with her father. VO-9

  8. Young Delia with her blue jeans on. [Slow motion]; VO-10 (p. 38; 40; 41); Baby's got her blue jeans on.

  9. Montage of shots showing Delia's sexual power over teeenage boys. VO-11

  10. Kurt marries her ass.VO-12

  11. Love-making in marriage. VO-13 {Freeze Frame.}

  12. Time Shift to the present: Beating at Dinner.

  13. Delia decides to leave. VO-14 (p. 32) {Freeze Frame}

  14. Delia reflecting on the incident. Montage of 10 Stills.

  15. Delia's Mind Flash: Imagines making love with Kurt. VO-15 (added) [Slow-motion]

  16. Leaving with the kids. Montage of 13 Stills + dialogue.

  17. Trip to the Shelter.

  18. Delia in the Shelter. VO-16 (p.43)

  19. Encounter with the Social Worker. (p. 34-36)

  20. Thinking about where to go. VO-17 (p.37)

  21. Remembers Fat Fay. Mind Flash: Flashback of 15 Stills of Fay. VO-18. (p. 37-38)

  22. Telephone conversation with Fay. (p. 43-44)

  23. On the way to Fay's. Baby's got her blue jeans on.

  24. At Fay's. (p. 46-49)

  25. Looking for work at the Cafe. (p. 49-51)

  26. Delia the waitress. VO-19 (p. 51)

  27. Delia with her kids.

  28. Delia and Mylert. VO-20 (p.54)

  29. Delia and her kids. VO-21 (added)

  30. Delia and Mylert.

  31. Delia finds Fay cleaning her room. (p.52-53)

  32. Delia's breaking down and crying. (p. 53-54)

  33. Mind Flash: Flashback of Kurt and her in bed. [Slow Motion]

  34. Delia crying.

  35. Mind Flash: Flashback of Kurt smiling. [Slow Motion]

  36. Delia crying.

  37. Mind Flash: Flashback of Kurt hitting her at dinner.

  38. Delia finishes crying.

  39. At the Cafe. Delia and Mylert. (p.54)

  40. Delia and Mylert in his truck. (p. 55) Baby's got her blue jeans on.

  41. At her car. Leaves Mylert.

  42. Delia in her car--reflecting on the event. {Freeze Frame.}

  43. The young Delia's got her blue jeans on. [Slow Motion] (Repeats scene #8.)