Memento: Narrative Structure


Credits. Polaroid of dead man fading to blank. Reverse order of the film to Leonard about to shoot. (C.1)

1. Room 21. So where are you? (IM) (C. 2)

44. Discount Inn 304. Photo of Teddy. Leonard talks to Burt. Teddy: "Lenny." They drive in Jag to the building. "I've finally found him."Shoots Teddy. (IM)

2. Rm. 21. "Just an anonymous" (IM) (C. 3)

43. Discount Inn-304. "Kill him." L & Burt: "Everything fades." "Lenny!"

3. "Shave" on thigh. "Remember Sammy Jankis." Phone rings. (IM)

42. City Grill Restrm. Rm. 304: L solves the crime. "Kill him." (IM) (C.4)

4. On Phone. "Sammy's story helps me understand my own situation." (C. 5)

41. Natalie at City Grill. License #. Remembers wife. Restrm. (IM) (MF)

5. On Phone. Leonard as Investigator. Sammy Jankis. (NM) (C. 6)

40. T hits windshield. Lunch with T. To DI & Burt: 2 rms. To N at City Grill.

6. On Phone. Tells Sammy's story, while shaving leg. (NM)

39. N's bed. License #. N's note. Leaves. T hits windshield. (IM) (C. 7)

7. On Phone. Sammy's tests. (NM)

38. To N's house. Dodd? Chest Tattoo. "How can I heal, if I can't feel time?" (IM)

8. On Phone. Sammy's story. (NM) (C. 8)

37. Nightmare. "Where am I?" T comes. To N's: "Who the fuck is Dodd?" (MF) (IM)

9. On Phone. Sammy's story. "I never said he was faking." (NM)

36. "Don't feel drunk." D's bathrm. Photo of D. Calls T. (IM)

10. On Phone. Prepares needle. Snaps pen for ink. Hangs up.(C.9)

35. "What the fuck am I doing?"Chased by D. To D's rm. "Don't feel drunk." (IM)

11. Prepares to write. "Fact 5: Access to Drugs."

34. L stomps fire. Chased by Dodd. "What the fuck am I doing?" (IM)

12. "Fact 5: Access to drugs." Writes on leg. Phone rings.(C. 10)

33. Bag to car. Burns mementos. "Can't remember to forget you." Stomps fire. (MF) (IM)

13. On Phone. Drug angle. Police records.

32. L wakes in 304. Reenacts the attack. Hooker in bathrm. L with bag to car. (MF)

14. On Phone. "He was a dealer." Changes "Fact 5: Drug Dealer."

31. Coaster: Discount Inn. Photo of DI. In 304 Hooker shuts door. (IM)

15. On Phone. Changing Fact 5 on leg. Sammy's wife. (NM) (C.11)

30. Exit N's house. T in car. Goes to D. I. (IM) (C.12)

16. On Phone. "Never answer the phone." Hangs up.

29. N's. N comes in beaten up. N's lies. L leaves. T's in his car. (IM) (C.13)

17. CU: "Never answer the phone." Phone rings. Calls desk: no calls.

28. N enters. "I'm going to use you." L hits her. N leaves, returns: D beat me. (IM)

18. Burt comes to rm 21. "Guy wants to talk on the phone." (C.14)

27. N's. "The Attack." Photo of N. N leaves, returns: "D after me." (MF)

19. Phone rings. Note: "Take my call." Photo of Leonard. Phone rings.(C.15)

26. CU of Ferdy's coaster. N gives beer. Memory of wife. N takes beer away. (MF)

20. Answers phone.

25. L reads note on Ferdy's coaster. At Ferdy's. Meets N. N gives spit beer.

21. On Phone. "Don't know anything." Death of Sammy's wife. (NM) (C.16)

24. Stops at Tattoo parlor. License # tattoo. T comes. L escapes. To Ferdy's. (IM) ) (C.17)

22. On Phone. Ready to get Jimmy G. Meets Teddy. Kills J G. Photo of J.G. As L shakes photo, film becomes color. (MF) (C.17)

23. T comes. Photo of L. L. burns photos of himself and Jimmy G. Fact 6: T's license #. Stops at Tattoo parlor. "Now where was I?" (MF) (IM) (C.18 & 19)