Narration in Film

Introductory Note:

I am developing this hypertext guide to understanding a range of story-telling techniques employed in the film medium. The guide has a variety of links to online documents that are designed to illustrate or help explain various ideas. These links include online film scripts and other materials that I have developed for understanding aspects of film narrative.

I recently discovered that YouTube has a vast archive of clips of classic films. So I've drawn on this resource to illustrate specific narrative techniques. YouTube clips are indicated by  (yt) following the link.

However, I've also discovered that the You Tube clips are quite transitory--they frequently disappear. So be prepared for disappointment.

I have written a companion hypertext guide to narrative techniques in fiction: Narration in Fiction.

Film Narration is External Narration

Internal or First-Person Narration

Portals to the Brain: Techniques for presenting Consciousness

Narrative Structure: Linear and Non-Linear

or as a single document:

Narration in Film