A Day in the Country

  1. Omniscient Intrusive Narrator: Dictionary definition of "love"
  2. Titles as Omniscient Impersonal Narrator: Explains Dufour's trip to the country
  3. At the bridge: Looking for fishing and lunch
  4. At the Restaurant Poulain
  5. Henri and Rudolph look at the new arrivals
  6. Henri and Rudolph discuss the Parisians
  7. R opens the window and sees Henriette swinging
  8. Henriette swinging: Seminarians and boys observe
  9. R leering at Henriette; discusses with Henri meeting her
  10. R and H in the Restaurant discussing R's seduction plan
  11. R and H and Poulain: Discuss the mother as well as Henriette
  12. The women find a picnic spot: "There are cherries. Could we eat them?"
  13. Dufour and Anatole looking for fish
  14. Henriette and Mother: "How wonderful the country is."
  15. Anatole and Dufour discover the boats; Henriette leaves her hat
  16. R and H get Henriette's hat; plot their adventure
  17. R and H meet Henriette and the family; give them the picnic spot
  18. Dufours set up for the picnic: "Well, Henriette, you've got your cherry tree."
  19. R and H: H wants Henriette
  20. Dufours picnicing: Henriette eats a cherry
  21. FADE
  22. Dufours after eating: Madame Dufour wants a stroll in the woods
  23. Dufour takes drunken Anatole for water
  24. R and H make their move: Invite the women to go boating
  25. R and H: get the fishing poles for Dufour
  26. H and Henriette have first visit alone; then joined by R
  27. Making the exchange: Fishing poles for the women
  28. R and H: H gets Henriette
  29. R and Madame D getting in the boat
  30. H and Henriette on the river
  31. Dufour and Anatole fishing as the boats go by: "Do as you wish, but keep quiet."
  32. H and H rowing: conversation; shots of the river banks; Henriette wants to go back
  33. Mother comes by: "Let's go all the way."
  34. H and H land on the island and follow the song of the Nightingale
  35. H and H sit under the tree and listen to the bird
  36. Crosscut to R and Madame D: Romeo and Juliet
  37. H and H under the tree: Henriette crys; H makes a move
  38. Crosscut to R and Madame D: the satyr's dance and off to the woods
  39. H and H: the KISS, etc.
  40. Dissolve: lying together; Henriette's sad look
  41. Shots of the setting: wind blowing in trees; clouds; grass and sky
  42. Travelling shots of rain on the river
  43. FADE
  44. Titles as Omniscient Impersonal Narrator: "Years have passed. Henriette is married to Anatole."
  45. Titles as Omniscient Intrusive Narrator: "The Sundays are now as sad as the Mondays."
  46. Titles as Omniscient Narrator over shot of Henri rowing: "And on This Sunday...
  47. H lands on the isle and finds another boat
  48. H walks in woods to his "private den"; pan to Henriette there with someone
  49. Henriette goes to Henri: "My tenderest memories are here." "I think of them every night."
  50. Henriette and Anatole
  51. Henri at the river bank: Watches Henriette row away; Camera pulls back to the water
  52. FADE