The Spider's Stratagem

  1. Arrival at the Train station and walking around Tara.

  2. The Hotel. Athos Magnani.

  3. Draifa's house. Athos Magnani, the detective to find his father's assassin.

  4. Strange treatment in the hotel. "All friends here."

  5. With Draifa. Memory #1: Draifa tells memory of Athos.

  6. Begins the investigation. Goes to Beccaccia's.

  7. With Gaibazzi. Memory #2: Gaibazzi's memory of Athos' defiance of the Fascists.

  8. At Rasori's. Memory #3: Rasori's memory of decision to assassinate Il Duce.

  9. At Costa's. Memory #4: Costa's memory of plot to bomb Il Duce at the Theatre. Athos notices coincidences.

  10. Athos and the statue of Athos.

  11. Dreifa and Athos. Summary of what Athos has discovered. Memory #5: Dreifa's memory of relationship with Athos.

  12. Dreifa drugs Athos. Athos overhears the three friends with Beccaccia. Memory #6: The friends' memory of the Lion head.

  13. Athos following Beccaccia with a lantern. Chased by townspeople.

  14. Desecrates father's gravestone; runs in the field and cries.

  15. Athos meets Beccaccia in the Theatre.

  16. Car ride with Gaibazzi to meeting with the friends. "Your father used to say that the truth meant nothing. What counts is the consequences of the truth." Athos runs away. Crosscutting Athos Jr. and Sr.

  17. Athos at Dreifa's. "I'm leaving." "You're all liars." D: "You're back now and you can't go away."

  18. At the Train Station. No train. Hears opera music.

  19. Outside the Theatre. Meets strange women who repeat the warnings to Athos Sr.

  20. In the Theatre box. Reenactment of Assassination scene. The friends tell the truth. Memory #7: The friends tell the story of Athos' betrayal. And Athos' plan for his "assassination." "All Tara will become a great theatre."

  21. Athos speech at the Memorial. Juxtaposition of Athos' speaking and his thoughts--a combination of his memories of fragments of the stories he heard about his father and his Interior Monologues.

  22. Waiting at the Train station. Grass grows on the tracks.